M1VPN Outline VPN

M1VPN New Outline VPN Service.


According to a Santiago Andrigo, Jigsaw’s product manager, Outline allows people to run their own VPNs.

This means that none other than the user will have access to their personal data.

Thanks to encryption, external parties don’t get entry, so data theft and spying are eliminated from the security equation.

While the central premise behind VPN use is privacy, users do have to blindly trust their providers.

Most VPN providers will say that they respect the privacy of their clients and only store the essential data.

However, there is no guarantee and this is a risk that every VPN user now has had to take – at least until now.

Outline’s protocol allows individual users or even companies to run their own VPNs.

This essentially guarantees that your data and online activity can in no way be accessed by anyone else.

Another aspect that is very important is the privacy.

Despite the presence of VPN in the market, there is no certainty of privacy.

Thus, Outline becomes the first VPN to offer total privacy to users.

M1VPN Now has outline VPN Servers online & will be coming soon.

M1VPN Outline VPN Servers will support VPN for Chrome OS, Android, & iOS.

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